I love sending beautiful and deliberate notes through space.

A beautiful and well thought out newsletter will let your audience easily understand what you are trying to tell them as well as increase interaction with you.  When people know that they can expect a good newsletter from you they are more likely to click your newsletter over another. Let me help you set up your Mailchimp account and then create beautifully designed newsletters that help your audience get to know you. 


Newsletter Bundle / $250*

  • I will create a custom newsletter for you. Including graphic design, fonts, colors etc. 
  • You will provide all copy
  • Everything will be linked including all social media, contact forms, address, wesbites, images etc.

*This is a retainer position of a minimum of one newsletter a month.

Newsletter Template / $400

  • Designed blocks that will make it easier for you to input your information, images.
  • Header, footer and logo all in place and linked.
  • Social media accounts, email and website all linked
  • Mobile responsive
  • Up to two other features like buttons that are clickable or pop up forms.
Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 1.30.24 PM.png


Who is your audience? Ensure your copy is clear, descriptive and focused.

What is the function? Your newsletter is a focused way to present your audience specific information. All text and images are linked to specified locations. 

Design: Clean, clear and organized with unnecessary distractions is a good way to hold attention from beginning to the end. Keep it consistent.

Images/Fonts/Color: Less is more but make sure they are all compatible and exceptional. 

How is your newsletter viewed? With Mailchimp it is easy to see how people view your newsletter. Ensure your newsletter is designed for all platforms.

Connect: Easily have your audience follow you on any social media account or email.